Romanowski Design and Future Planning

Do you own the suitable property for solar renovation?

For our solar projects we continuously determine suitable projects. We are looking for large areas and roof areas, for example industrial plants, gymnasiums or farms.

Roof restoration  improves environmental performance.

Our Partners benefit from the planning and financial assistance which is based on a timely and energy efficient roof restoration which thus improves their own environmental performance by the use of solar power. We increase the value of the property, promote the independence of electricity price and our partners are long term operators of their own power plant.

Is your property suitable for solar installation?

Large areas will benefit from a new, environmentally friendly potential use being the base for photovoltaic systems. Hence in particular areas, which do not provide for immediate use for example abandoned landfills, now attain a new value and provide for sustainable solar energy.

We assist you in the timely restoration

Do you have enough space and roof surface of over 800m“? Are you interested in a positive eco-balance of your property or land in order to provide for a safe and clean future? Are you interested in cooperation?
Please contact us personally and apply for a solar system or a solar renovation of your building. We will inform you, no obligations involved - as to the Building time, their durations and profitability involved.

Send in your application here for your solar system!